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Going through different steps of development, the market net in Nhon Trach also has many different so-called “ages”. One has been built before 1975 like in Vinh Thanh, Phuoc Thien, Phu Thanh; another has been built after 1975 like in Dai Phuoc, Long Tho. Recent years, Phu Hoi, Phu Huu market, open-air market in Ben Cam hamlet, Phuoc Thien province.

Mr. Ho Van Thang
   There are 12 markets in total, consist of: 11 markets type III, and 1 market runs as a company is Phu Huu market. For the coming time, Dai Phuoc market, hamlet 1 Long Tho market will be running by the same system. Recently, Nhon Trach district also transfer Phuoc Khanh market to the co-operative. Phuoc Khanh agricultural service is the first to use the system of routine development of the local co-operative market. Beside, open-air markets gather at some localized residential areas.

The reality survey shows that the arrangement of selling spot at the market is not scientific enough. Only 4/11 markets type III are equipped fire precaution system in addition drain water treatment system, public toilets are not under construction mostly. Today, managing, accounting at the markets are people’s Committee‘s responsibility but only some of them have management teams, the others ‘remain ”invisible”.

That’s why there should be possible solutions for organizing market net, not only can be suitable to emplacement of Nhon Trach new metropolitan in 2020 but also meet the requirement of “good living condition” of people. And now is the interview with Mr. Ho Van Thang- Chief Economic Officer- Vice standing committee carries out the 12-NQ/TW dispose about developing overseas trading, Nhon Trach district service about above issues.

Correspondent: Sir, how do you judge about the working activities of the market in Nhon Trach district recently?

Mr.Ho Van Thang: there are 2 types of markets in district. The first one is run by private enterprises (Phu Huu, Dai Phuoc). This type is advantage that the investor will subjectively create the capital, plans and management team of the investor should be thicker. The second type is some market type III appearing in the area, Phuoc Khanh is one of the kind and it was transferred to co-operative to manage. The markets type III (some of them degrade and need repairing) delivered to the standing committee to control by a manager or a group of management. It should be a management team but due to current condition we only can provide a group of management. The limitation of these markets is organizing the selling spots, some conditions like: hygiene environment, hygiene and safe food, fire precaution measure, etc…

The coming goal, the market type III will have to move into some positions to be appropriate with the emplacement of the city and in 2007,2008 the standing committee will have delivered these market to co-operative to control( investing capital, improving, repairing, organizing activities, managing, accounting thickly)

Correspondent: At present, how investing and upgrading will carried out? If delivering markets to the co-operative to control and some provinces don’t have a co-operative so whether or not it affects the emplacement of markets?

Mr. Ho Van Thang: about repairing, upgrading the market, the standing committee of district has pointed out provinces in the district need repairing and upgrading at the beginning of the year or the first 6 months. The district will consider about that and provide money for it. In long-term investment, when the co-operative is delivered, the enterprises will invest in new markets. In case some provinces don’t have a co-operative, that’s not going to do any harm to that transferring process. Because any co-operative in the district can register to manage the market.

Correspondent: Sir, nowadays, most of the market in district area is loose in managing like : paying fee,  hygiene condition of environment, hygiene and safe food…so in order to deal with these issues , what have the leaders of district done to solve the problem?

Mr. Ho Van Thang: around the problem of maintaining, managing markets in this area, the most important thing is road safety, fire precaution measure, hygiene environment,….annually, Nhon Trach maintain the steering committee. Dispose number 12 about improving trading service. Head of the province, departments like: polices, market managing, natural resources…also in the steering committee so that each member will be responsible, observe every area in order to pay attention to how to conduct the activity successfully. There is an expansion at the beginning of the year and quarterly summary.

Correspondent: Sir, How will the emplacement of market net, supermarket and trading center be if Nhon Trach becomes a city?

Mr. Ho Van Thang: Due to the emplacement – adjust until 2020, emplacement of market net in Dong Nai till 2010, orientate 2020 and emplace the market net, the trading center and province supermarket are reporting branches them the district has 2 big interprovinces trading centers and over 16 supermarket to meet the people’s requirement within that are 1 type II market and 11 type 3 market. Talking About the area fund, District has already had an emplacement for countryside market and will introduce that to investors so that they can carry it out.


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